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Vortex is a monthly magazine published by Big Finish Productions. It often features articles covering the Dark Shadows audio dramas. It is available for free as a download and as a print version.

The following is table listing all the Dark Shadows related material that features:

Issue Pages Item Released
5 12-13 Interview with Nigel Fairs. July 2009
6 12-13 Interview with Stephen Mark Rainey. August 2009
13 4-5 Studio report for Kingdom of the Dead. March 2010
15 4-5 Studio report for Kingdom of the Dead. May 2010
16 14-15 Studio report for The Night Whispers. June 2010
17 11-14 Studio report for Kingdom of the Dead. Interview with Joseph Lidster. July 2010
27 6-10 Interviews with Jonathan Morris, Nicola Bryant and Matthew Waterhouse. An introduction to the series. May 2011
29 12-13 Interview with James Goss. July 2011
37 12-14 Interview with James Goss and Joseph Lidster. March 2012
38 14 Interview with Marty Ross. April 2012
39 8-10 An introduction to the series. May 2012
40 19 Interview with Joseph Lidster. June 2012
41 19 Interview with Jonathan Morris. July 2012
42 21 Interview with Scott Handcock. August 2012
43 16 Interview with David Llewellyn. September 2012
46 12-13 Interview with Lizzie Hopley. Farewell letter from James Goss. December 2012
51 16-18 Preview of 2013 audio dramas with Mark Thomas Passmore, Joseph Lidster and David Darlington. May 2013
52 10-11 Interview with Kymberly Ashman. June 2013
53 12-13 Interview with Will Howells. July 2013
54 10 Interview with Eric Wallace. August 2013
55 16-17 Interviews with Cody Quijano-Schell and Sean McGhee. September 2013
56 12-14 Preview of Beyond the Grave. Interview with Aaron Lamont. October 2013

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