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Victoria Winters (2012)
Production Information
Portrayed by

Bella Heathcote
Felicity Brangan


Dark Shadows (2012)

Biographical Information

Victoria Winters


New York, USA



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Victoria Winters, whose real name was Maggie Evans, came to Collinsport after escaping from Windcliff Sanitarium and answering a newspaper ad to be David Collins' governess. Victoria created her name from an advertisement on the train to Collinsport, and practised introducing herself as both Victoria and Vicky.

Before being forced to live under supervision at Windcliff, Victoria - much like her future pupil David Collins - had been able to communicate with a ghost - the spirit of Josette DuPres. Her parents, fearful, had her locked away. Victoria escaped and attempted to rebuild her life, all the while being drawn to Collinsport by the ghost of Josette, whom Vicky referred to as, "an old friend." Victoria was, even after establishing herself at Collinwood, haunted by nightmares of her family's abandonment and her life at Windcliff, where she was subjected to electroshock treatments and restrained with a straight-jacket.

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard interviewed Victoria, and was impressed with the girl's disinterest in politics and her sense of humor and support of feminism. She did not, however, appreciate Vicky's belief in David's ability to speak with his deceased mother.

The ghost of Josette reappeared to Vicky shortly after she was hired at Collinwood, drawing her from her bedroom and telling her, "He's coming." Vicky did not know that the ghost was speaking of Barnabas Collins' imminent release from his coffin. Vicky encountered Josette's ghost in the house twice, during which the spirit re-enacted her suicide, falling from the mansion's large chandelier. During their second encounter, Josette asked Victoria to help her- a request
Vicky did not understand.

Because of her own ability to communicate with the dead, Vicky developed a good rapport with David Collins. She also began a quasi-romantic relationship with Barnabas Collins after he arrived at Collinwood under the pretence of being a British relative. The two shared in the reading of the novel Love Story , and walked along the edge of the water at the base of Widows' Hill. During Barnabas' ball at Collinwood, Vicky confessed her attraction to Barnabas, and, after Vicky told the story of her past and the feeling that she had been drawn to him, the two shared a moment of true romance.

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Although Victoria was falling in love with Barnabas, the revelation that he was a vampire frightened her, and at the peak of Widows' Hill, she admitted that the two could not be together because she would age and he would not. Vicky asked to be made into a vampire, but Barnabas refused. When Vicky fell from the cliff, Barnabas dove after her, attacking her while they hurtled toward the sea and rocks. At the bottom of the cliff, Vicky opened her eyes, reborn a vampire, and answered Barnabas' calls of her name with the word, "Josette," fulfilling the spirit's request to help her and live with Barnabas as Josette's reincarnation. Exactly what happened at that moment in the film remains a matter of debate among fans. Was Victoria's soul displaced? Did she and Josette somehow merge? Were these two somehow always two parts of the same person?


  • The original series spelled Victoria's nickname as "Vicki", while movie promotional materials spelled the name as "Vicky".

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