As seen in during the year 1967.

Victoria's room at Collinwood once belonged to Elizabeth Collins Stoddard before she married. Victoria moved in here in 1967 when she'd been summoned to Collinwood to tutor David Collins. The catch on the window didn't hold very well and frequently flew open (2).


Josette at the window in 1796.

In the late 18th century, when the Collins family first moved into the newly constructed Collinwood building from the Old House, this room was used, for a short time, by Josette DuPres Collins up until her death at Widows' Hill (425).

The set design for Victoria's room would be used as the template for Carolyn's room (100, 101), Elizabeth's room (156, 158, 160, 270), and Julia's room (290, 291, 339, 340).

Appearances Edit

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