My name is Susan Bartelt.  I was 12 years old when Dark Shadows started and 17 when it ended.  Now, I am 59 years old and will be 60 on July 15, 2014.  My oldest son is 29, my grandson is 3, my 2nd son is 27, and my daughter is 16.  I was one of those teens who used to run home from school to see the show(lol).  It was so long ago!  I'm still grieving over the fact that Julia and Barnabas never got together!#  I don't think I'll ever get over it!  Reading Sam Hall's epiloge just was not the same as it would have been to actually see Grayson Hall and Jonathan Frid act it out.  They had such wonderful onscreen chemistry!  I'll never understand why the powers that be wasted the air time that was left on that God-awful 1940/41 paralletl time story when they could have used it to make a happy ending for Julia with Barnabas!#  She was the only woman who deserved his love, because she was the only woman who truely loved him!  Grayson Hall was my all time favorite actress and I consider myself to be her number 1 fan.  She was beautiful, sensuous, charasmatic, kind, and an awesomely talented actress!  Her beauty and talent outshined all of the young actresses on the show!  I adored her and I would have liked to have had her for a mother.  It grieves me that she died so young and that I never had a chance to meet and talk with her.  No one will be able to replace Grayson and Jonathan as Julia and Barnabas! It just wouldn't be the same.  Jonathan Frid was my all time favorite actor.  He was handsome, talented, and a real gentleman( He had to be-hint, hint!).  I have wonderful memories of that show and now, after purchasing it, on DVD, I can enjoy things about it, as an adult, that I didn't notice as a teen(lol), like the endearing bloopers and interviews.  It is nice to see the real people behind the show and to hear about their experiences.  One day, I hope to meet some of the original cast, before they are all gone.

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