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  • Porterfield

    For common moviegoers, as well as fans of Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, Dark Shadows (the legendary duo's 8th collaboration), might provoke the "seen it" response. As in, Depp is bumbling around in white makeup in a visually stunning, gothic environment, again. For fans of the original Dark Shadows, this movie means a lot more than accusing Tim Burton of being too predictable. This is the moment we finally get to see what a high-budget, professionally made version of Barnabas Collins' story looks like, made by the best in the business.

    Of course, most die hard fans of Jonathan Frid and the original show will probably hate the Hollywood remake, as they would. For those of you who remain undecided, check out the roundup of reviews below before …

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  • Porterfield
    Johnny Depp was pretty much born to play a vampire. If you asked any of his fans, they would tell you that he was born to play every role, he's like a chameleon. It may be true, but playing Barnabas Collins in a Tim Burton adapation of the Dark Shadows is so predictable that it makes you wonder why this wasn't made in the 90's.

    Hopefully Depp won't disappoint his fans in the new Dark Shadows, which comes out May 11th, because he may be the most famous actor to take on the role of a vampire. Considering what it takes to pull off a true vampire legend, the man has big shoes to fill.

    Besides the obvious (Jonathan Frid), the following list of actors have set the bar very high as vampires.

    The Vampire (1913) was technically the cinema's first intr…

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