This relates to very old news about the upcoming movie, but I just want to point something out that bugs me about it.

On September 22, Entertainment Weekly's site posted the Johnny Depp's true 'Dark Shadows' vampire revealed! -- EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK article, wriiten by Anthony Breznican. The top of that page has a link to our Barnabas Collins article, which is kinda nice, (except it looks like a lot of it is plagiarized from another site) but that's not what bothers me. What bothers me is the hyper text on the link to DS Wiki:

As you can see from this cast shot, Depp’s bloodsucking pater familias Barnabas Collins actually borrows heavily from the aged-little boy look of original Dark Shadows star Jonathan Frid — not that anyone would be happy to see this guy show up as your prom date either.

Now, the great Jonathan Frid, as well as his appearance as Barnabas, has been called many things. Aged? Sure. Weird? Ok, but boyish? Man-childish? This is Barnabas Collins we're talking about, not Pee-Wee Herman. To me, this appears to be a case of a young writer, trying to justify to his readers why Depp looks like a little boy in a Halloween costume. It's also important remember that these are not the words of Seth Grahame-Smith or the producer.


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