• Phantom Stranger

    This relates to very old news about the upcoming movie, but I just want to point something out that bugs me about it.

    On September 22, Entertainment Weekly's site posted the Johnny Depp's true 'Dark Shadows' vampire revealed! -- EXCLUSIVE FIRST LOOK article, wriiten by Anthony Breznican. The top of that page has a link to our Barnabas Collins article, which is kinda nice, (except it looks like a lot of it is plagiarized from another site) but that's not what bothers me. What bothers me is the hyper text on the link to DS Wiki:

    Now, the great Jonathan Frid, as well as his appearance as Barnabas, has been called many things. Aged? Sure. Weird? Ok, but boyish? Man-childish? This is Barnabas Collins we're talking about, not Pee-Wee Herman. To m…

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