A little piece of poetry that I threw together while stuck at an airport for 11 hours.

Dark Shadows

Dark house upon a hill does stand,

Untouched by light of day.

Across the lonely, weary land,

Dark shadows ever lay.

Unfeeling night, unending dark,

These things are here to stay.

Cold night has left its dreary mark,

Dawn will not break today.

In house of gloom live ghosts of past,

And devils lie in wait.

No feel of joy or bliss can last,

Escape may come too late.

No peace for those who dwell in night,

And rest they cannot find.

For those who live without the light,

Fear is upon their mind.

The owner of the house does hide

Dark secrets of her own.

For years and years, Liz Stoddard lied,

With sharp, evasive tone.

Her brother has his secrets too.

To prison went a man.

Truth could be told by just a few,

And Roger Collins can.

A boy of hatred, fear, and doubt,

Does live within these walls.

Those ghosts from past do have some clout,

Their gloom on David falls.

A girl does do whate'er she may,

Unswayed by will of kin.

Carolyn Stoddard gets her way,

With men she tries to win.

A girl here seeks to find her past,

Vicki is very kind.

The dreary house is overcast,

And secrets she does find.

A man comes back after so long,

For spite he comes to stay.

Burke deems that some have done him wrong,

And Roger has to pay.

Those who do live in dark, old house,

Have secrets, just a few.

But house, though quiet as a mouse,

Has many secrets too.

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