• Chekovrules

    Laura Collins

    July 29, 2009 by Chekovrules

    Here's another little piece of poetry.

    To Collinsport comes one from past,

    One who could tell the truth.

    But she does seek her son at last,

    And fights with nail and tooth.

    Her entrance causes strife and fear,

    And makes a few men doubt.

    Roger and Sam are scared that here

    The truth at last will out.

    Though they are worried and upset,

    That’s not Laura’s desire.

    Though she and Burke have often met,

    She’s more obsessed with fire.

    Laura comes back to claim her son,

    But David is afraid.

    Through clever ways of spells and fun,

    The trap for him is laid.

    Liz Stoddard tries to block her goals,

    But falls into a trance.

    Though stress seems to have claimed a toll,

    The truth’s not at a glance.

    Though deemed insane for many years,

    Laura has evil powers.

    Losing her son is what sh…

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  • Chekovrules

    Dark Shadows Poem

    July 26, 2009 by Chekovrules

    A little piece of poetry that I threw together while stuck at an airport for 11 hours.

    Dark house upon a hill does stand,

    Untouched by light of day.

    Across the lonely, weary land,

    Dark shadows ever lay.

    Unfeeling night, unending dark,

    These things are here to stay.

    Cold night has left its dreary mark,

    Dawn will not break today.

    In house of gloom live ghosts of past,

    And devils lie in wait.

    No feel of joy or bliss can last,

    Escape may come too late.

    No peace for those who dwell in night,

    And rest they cannot find.

    For those who live without the light,

    Fear is upon their mind.

    The owner of the house does hide

    Dark secrets of her own.

    For years and years, Liz Stoddard lied,

    With sharp, evasive tone.

    Her brother has his secrets too.

    To prison went a man.

    Truth could…

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