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When he was a boy, Barnabas Collins had a set of toy soldiers which he called "the regiment." Angelique found one of them and used it to cast a spell to nearly choke Barnabas to death (370-371).

In 1967, the ghost of Sarah Collins gave the same toy soldier to David Collins to protect him (331). David claims to have found it on the Collinwood grounds when he shows it to Victoria Winters. Dr. Julia Hoffman thought she may seen a picture of it when going through a Collins family album. David keeps it with him when he breaks into the Old House to find Barnabas' coffin (332). David gives it to Carolyn so she will be protected. She returns it to him after Sarah appears to her (348). David later gives it back to Carolyn. Before going to the Old House and being attacked by Barnabas, Carolyn leaves it on a table in the foyer (350).

The toy solider appears to return when Angelique uses it to trick Aristede and choke him (792).

Appearances Edit

331, 332, 333, 348, 350370, 371, 372, 792.

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