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Tony Peterson
Tony Peterson
Production Information
Portrayed by

Jerry Lacy

First appearance


Last appearance


Episode count


Audio appearances

The Death Mask
The Voodoo Amulet
The Last Stop
The Phantom Bride
The Devil Cat

Biographical Information

Anthony Peterson

Also known as

Arthur Hailey


Maine, New England, USA



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Anthony "Tony" Peterson was an attorney who practiced in Collinsport in the late '60s. One of his clients was Julia Hoffman.

Tony grew up in Collinsport and had admired local beauty Carolyn Stoddard since childhood. Following a lawsuit brought upon by a disgruntled worker in the cannery, Tony became romantically involved with Carolyn. However, his chances with Carolyn failed when he became the victim of Cassandra Collins. Tony admitted to Carolyn that he hated Cassandra and that she had him under her spell (577). Carolyn forgave him after that.


Peterson was young and charismatic, but rude. He appeared to have a temper.

Background information and notesEdit

  • Tony Peterson was Jerry Lacy's first role on the show.
  • Jerry Lacy reprised his role of Tony Peterson in the 2011 audio drama, The Death Mask, forty-three years after Tony's final appearance in episode 578. Since then, Tony and Cassandra were paired in 5 of Big Finish's audio dramas.
  • Although it's never confirmed on the show, it is strongly implied that Tony is a descendant of the Trask family. The last known family member being Gregory Trask's daughter, Charity. Though she never married or had children, it is possible he is a descendant through Gregory Trask's own father whom was an adulterer. He is revealed to be a Trask descendent in Vengeance at Collinwood.
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