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How does one time travel at Collinwood?Edit

  • Dream travel is the safest - experience the past or future in the relative comfort of your own canopy bed.
  • Not very reliable but - a seance can send you back and forth in time. It can also give you psychic scars for life, or end your life!
  • If you are stuck away from the main house - try the I-Ching wands. But read up carefully to make sure you have the correct grouping. If it is anything other than Hexagram #49 - change - throw again and start over.
  • In the East Wing - there is a large room which can send you to Parallel time and vice versa.
  • In the West Wing - there is the Stairway into Time for linear travel, built in 1840 by Quentin Collins Esq.
  • Check with your astral travel agent and be sure to have the appropriate wardrobe and currency. (If a medical professional be sure to bring your black bag and lab supplies - you'll need them!)

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