Played by:
Add ImageJohn Kuhner as Tim Braithwaite
This article is about the Parallel Time version of Tim Braithwaite. For his real-time equivalent, see Tim Braithwaite.

Tim Braithwaite (d.1841) was described by Morgan Collins as both frequently incarcerated and as a drinking companion of Gabriel Collins. Morgan deduces that Braithwaite was paid $1000 to take Gabriel's place for a night in the Locked room.

This business venture didn't work out happily for Braithwaite, as he appeared in only two episodes: the end of 1214 and the reprise at the beginning of 1215, each time as a dead body.

It is assumed that Braithwaite's family relationships correspond to those of his main time-stream counterpart.

Appearances Edit

1214, 1215

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