• Just created a profile - but I have been posting as an anonymous user for a while. Is there any way that I can get those posts into the account? Not a HUGE deal, but it would help with my OCD... :-) 



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    • Shouldn't this be in the off topic section?  This section is for Q&A about the series, movies, etc.

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    • EMP1966 wrote:
      Shouldn't this be in the off topic section?  This section is for Q&A about the series, movies, etc.

      That's a little harsh, isn't it? Not to mention hardly helpful in answering a question presented in good faith.

      What about the thread below where one of the contributors is merely promoting their fan fiction? And other threads created simply by way of introduction and hello?

      Are you bucking for an admin position here? 

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    • Not at all, I apologize if I was out of line.  I just remember from other message boards, that procedural problems would usually go into am off topic section when  they were put into sections that were about the program, network, etc.  If I was wrong, I am sorry.  You may delete everything from reply down if you wish.

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    • I'm not an admin here, and I didn't mean to give that impression.

      It just seemed such an odd comment, in a community where everyone is so helpful to one another.

      This thread has been here for over a year, so if it had been deemed out of place no doubt an admin would have deleted it at the time.

      If I had started posting anonymously at first and then under a handle, I would have done the same thing -- started a thread right here asking for help that folks who post here might be able to provide from experience.

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    • With apologies to all - 

      the header for this section says,

      'Got a question about Dark Shadows or the database? Ask your questions here!'

      Forgive a n00b his confusion - I haven't been at this long enough to know all the ins and outs.

      As I have waited more than a year for any reply to my question, I will assume it's in the wrong place, as EMP1966 pointed out.

      Many thanks to Prisoner for his kind words on my behalf.

      I will try to have the thread withdrawn and just deal with my OCD.

      (Wait, what? You mean this isn't the Futurama wiki?)

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