The Legend Reborn





Stuart Manning


Joseph Fox

Cover Art

Stuart Manning


May 2007

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The Legend Reborn is an audiobook produced by Big Finish Productions. It was released in May 2007.

Publisher's summary Edit

Kathryn Leigh Scott hosts a revealing backstage look at the rebirth of a television legend.

Discover how the cast and crew recreated the series 35 years on, how Barnabas was reborn, and get a sneak preview of what's in store in Season Two. With candid interviews, plus outtakes and studio rushes, The Legend Reborn is the perfect companion to the new audio dramas.

Also includes an exclusive bonus CD album, featuring Joseph Fox's haunting music scores, plus previously unheard material.

Track listing Edit

Disc One Edit

Disc Two Edit

The House of Despair

  • 1. Return To Collinsport
  • 2. Collinwood Awaits
  • 3. Darkened Halls
  • 4. Beneath The House
  • 5. The Tables Have Turned
  • 6. Little Lost Souls
  • 7. Willie's Torment

The Book of Temptation

  • 8. Charlotte Howell
  • 9. Maggie Arrives
  • 10. Quentin And Angelique
  • 11. Lost In Collinwood
  • 12. Back In Time
  • 13. An Exorcise In Power

The Christmas Presence

  • 14. Dreams Of The Innocent
  • 15. Understanding Christmas
  • 16. Mad Willie Loomis
  • 17. An Enchantment
  • 18. The Greatest Gift
  • 19. Down In The Cellar
  • 20. Christmas At Collinwood

The Rage Beneath

  • 21. The Burning
  • 22. Tall Tales And Broken Sails
  • 23. The Lorelei Arrives
  • 24. Maggie's Corruption
  • 25. Oswald Gravenor
  • 26. Making A Stand
  • 27. The Final Entrapment
  • 28. Vengeance Draws Near
  • 29. Maggie's Betrayal
  • 30. Aftermath

Background information and notes Edit

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