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Stuart Bronson
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Barnard Hughes

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Stuart Bronson


New York, USA



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Stuart Bronson was a New York banker that worked for Burke Devlin in 1966.

When Burke was ready to put in a bid on the Logansport Cannery, he had Bronson meet him in Bangor to make preparations (21). Bronson presented Burke with the Collins' financial breakdown, a report he had been working on for about a month, but he neglected to bring along the report on the Logansport Cannery (27).

Burke was to meet with Bronson at the Bangor Pine Hotel restaurant a few days later, but his associate James Blair took his place (40, 42).

Bronson was married (27). His phone number in New York was Lexington 2-0098 (21).

The character was later replaced by James Blair beginning with episode 42 and never mentioned again.

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