Quentin and Amy chat

Quentin relaxes on the green, velvet-upholstered settee sofa as he talks to Amy.

The settee sofa in the drawing room was the setting where numerous and various secrets were revealed.

Green Velvet Edit

Green sofa

The green, velvet-upholstered settee sofa with various other furnishings in 1970.

The green, velvet-upholstered settee sofa in the drawing room appears during the years 1966 to 1971 of the series, never seeming to be repaired, replaced, or re-upholstered.

Sit Down Edit

Numerous and various secrets, sorrows, and stories were shared while sitting on the settee sofa in the drawing room. Many residents and guests discovered that revealing their secrets was not safe after sitting on the comforting couch. Sorrows and tragedy often befell those who sat or slept on the davenport of despair. Still, others would soon discover that they became the talk of the town subsequent to telling lies, half-truths, and less-than-true stories while resting on the deceptive divan.

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