Sheriff Davenport
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Ed Riley

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Biographical Information

Sheriff Davenport


35 (1970)

Date of birth


Year of death


Manner of death

Murdered by Jeb Hawkes
(In death)
Destroyed by Chris Jennings in werewolf form.



Supernatural abilities

(In death)

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Sheriff Davenport was the Sheriff of Collinsport in 1970. He was the successor of George Patterson.

In early 1970, Davenport was trying to investigate the mysterious death of Paul Stoddard, who had warned him about the Leviathans. He suspected that the strange happenings in the antique shop had something to do with his death after finding a cuff-link from Paul's coat.

In order to stop his investigation, Jeb Hawkes murdered him in his true form. Hawkes later brought Davenport back from the dead as a zombie to serve him. Davenport was later killed a second time by Chris Jennings in his werewolf form.

Following his death he was replaced, once more, by George Patterson.

Appearances Edit

917, 934, 935, 938 (hand only), 939, 942, 960, 961

Davenport Zombie

Sheriff Davenport as a Zombie

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