Sharon Smyth

Sharon Smyth

Sharon Smyth
(born Nov. 29, 1957) joined Dark Shadows in June 1967 playing the ghost of Sarah Collins, the tragic little sister of Barnabas Collins.

Smyth was no stranger to soap operas, having already played Susan Carter in Search for Tomorrow. At the age of nine, Sharon enjoyed her time on the show, finding the whole experience like "a great game of make-believe." After leaving Dark Shadows in 1968, Sharon tried becoming an ordinary kid, entering public school in New York.

In an interview years later, Smyth was apologetic for letting her fan mail go unanswered from her days on Dark Shadows. She has made occasional appearances at Dark Shadows conventions, although she admitted that her son's birthday often provided a conflict. A mother of three, Sharon now lives with her husband and children in Bucks County, Pennsylvania.


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