Pomegranate Press is a California-based publishing company founded in 1986 by actress, author, producer and publisher Kathryn Leigh Scott. Pomegranate specializes in quality non-fiction books on all aspects of the entertainment industry, along with such other non-fiction fare as guide books, biographies, textbooks, humour and coffee table art books. The company is probably best known for the range of innovative companion books to classic television series, such as '60s cult favourite, Dark Shadows.

Dark Shadows Titles:

  • Dark Shadows Memories
  • Dark Shadows Memories CD
  • Dark Shadows Almanac: Millennium Edition
  • The Dark Shadows Movie Book
  • Dark Shadows Collectibles Book
  • Dark Shadows Music Book
  • Dark Shadows Comic Strip Book
  • Shadows on the Wall
  • Dark Shadows Resurrected
  • The Dark Shadows Companion & Audio Book

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