Phyllis Wick
Phyllis Wick
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Dorrie Kavanaugh
Margo Head

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Phyllis Wick

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Phyllis Wick was the governess at Collinwood in 1795. She was hired by Joshua Collins to tutor Sarah Collins.

In 1967, the Collins family held a séance to contact Sarah from beyond the grave. During the seance, Victoria Winters was transported back to 1795 and took Phyllis' place, while Phyllis was transported to 1967 and took Victoria's place. Everyone was shocked by her appearing, perhaps most of all Barnabas Collins, who recognized her from his mortal life. When Victoria went to the gallows for witchcraft, she returned to the present and Phyllis was executed in her place.

Barnabas remembers her as being Sarah's governess, and was unaware of Victoria's trip to the past in her place.

Appearances Edit

365, 461

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