Dramatic Reading


Roy Gill


Joseph Lidster
Jim Pierson


David Darlington

Sound Design

David Darlington

Cover Art

Alistair McGown


21 September 2014
4-5 October 2014
28 November 2014
4 December 2014


May 2015



We have 0 images of Dark Shadows Panic

Panic is an audio drama produced by Big Finish Productions. It was released in May 2015.

Publisher's summary Edit

"The further into the antique shop she explored, the darker it seemed to get, until Lela couldn’t see the walls at all..."

Lela Quick is a busy woman. She’s got essays to mark, journals to edit, books to write...

But every night she is tormented by the same dream: a nightmare of pursuit through a dark forest, the air filled with haunting music.

A chance meeting with Quentin Collins, the enigmatic owner of Pandemonium Antiques, adds to her growing sense of unease. Soon both their lives are in danger - - if they can’t escape the panic…

Synopsis Edit

Collinsport is a town of secrets. Some ancient and mysterious, some more recent, but no less intiguing. Quentin Collins is a man who carries secrets from the distant past and the present day. And on this day in the ancient house of Collinwood, he is going to share one of those secrets with his family.

Memorable quotes Edit

Dramatis personae Edit

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