Nathaniel was a short, malformed servant of the immortal pastor, Redmond Swann. Like many of his ilk, Nathaniel was a citizen of Barrettstown and the end-result of centuries of inbreeding. In January 1991, Barnabas Collins, Julia Hoffman, Willie Loomis, Vincent Hoffman and Lara Hoffman were captured and held prisoner inside of an abandoned silo in Barrettstown. Redmond Swann ordered Nathaniel to watch over the prisoners. During the daylight hours, Barnabas' vampiric lust overtook him and he fed on Nathaniel, killing him in the process.

Notes Edit

  • Nathaniel is an original character who was featured exclusively in the Dark Shadows comic book series. He never appeared in the television show.

Appearances Edit

Dark Shadows: Book One #3.

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