Naomi Collins (2012)
Production Information
Portrayed by

Susanna Cappellaro


Dark Shadows (2012)

Biographical Information

Naomi Collins


Liverpool, England, UK


Owner of Collins Canning Company




Joshua Collins (husband, deceased)
Barnabas Collins (son)
Elizabeth Collins Stoddard (descendant)
Roger Collins (descendant)
Carolyn Stoddard (descendant)
David Collins (descendant)

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Naomi Collins is Joshua Collins's wife and Barnabas's mother. She and her husband found the Collins Cannery Company and the town of Collinsport in America.

Biography Edit

Naomi is shown in the film's opening scenes leaving with her husband, son and servants from Liverpool to the New World in 1760. When they arrived at Maine, Naomi and Joshua founded the fishing village of Collinsport and at Widows' Hill they started to build the family house of Collinwood. When the house is finished, Naomi and Joshua with their son watch in pride from Widows Hill of the strong village they have founded. Many years later Barnabas has become a playboy and breaks the heart of Angelique Bouchard, a family servant, for another woman. An enraged Angelique who is also a powerful witch decides to destroy the Collins Family, first she kills Naomi and Joshua using a spell to make a stone statue shaped like a sea horse fall on the elderly couple when they were taking a stroll around Collinwood.

However their deaths were ruled as an accident but Barnabas knew that Angelique had killed his parents, he was also cursed by Angelique into becoming a vampire and traps him in a coffin. 200 years pass for Barnabas to be released from his coffin and he makes his way to Collinwood where he meets the remaining members of the Collins Family. When Barnabas arrives at his home he sees a painting of his parents hanging in the wall.

It is likely that Naomi knew about Joshua's secret passageways in the house and of his secret room full with treasures of the family which Barnabas uses to return the family business to its former glory.

At the climax battle at Collinwood with Angelique against the Collins, she taunts Barnabas confirming that she killed his parents as a part of the curse to cause him pain and because of her resentment towards the Collins wealth. Angelique is killed by Laura Collins finally avenging the deaths of the founding couple of Collins Fishing Fleet and Cannery.

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