Mrs. Hopewell
Mrs Hopewell
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Elizabeth Wilson

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Mrs Hopewell


New York, USA


Director of services at the Hammond Foundling Home

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Mrs Hopewell was the director of services at the Hammond Foundling Home in New York, where Victoria Winters was raised and later worked.

In 1967, Victoria received a letter from Elizabeth Collins Stoddard of Collinsport, Maine, asking her to come up and work for her as a governess. No one at the entire foundling home had ever heard of Elizabeth or her brother Roger Collins. After Vicki left, Mrs. Hopewell made some inquiries and found a girl in Bangor who told her about the Collins family (1, 8).

Later, Wilbur Strake arrived at the foundling home, asking questions about Victoria and why she was hired by the Collinses. Strake revealed himself to be a private investigator, but did not reveal for whom he worked. After he left, Mrs. Hopewell wrote a letter to Vicki informing her of Strake's visit (8).

Behind the scenesEdit

In 7 and 8, Victoria referred to her as "Miss" Hopewell, though she remained "Mrs" in the credits.

Appearances Edit

1, 8

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