Mildred Ward (d. 1840) was the wife of Constable Jim Ward, and together they ran the Collinsport Jail in 1840. She was also the daughter of Mordecai Grimes. Mildred was killed by Gerard Stiles through the use of witchcraft.

With rumors swirling throughout the village that witchcraft was being practiced at Collinwood in late 1840, Mildred strongly believed that Quentin Collins was a warlock and caused the death of Randall Drew. When her husband placed him under arrest and brought him in, she panicked and immediately locked him in a cell. She noticed the ring he was wearing, which was a symbol that became associated with the murders that have recently taken place, and accused him of being the devil and a murderer (1157).

After Gerard became master of Collinwood, he determined that he needed more evidence to convict Quentin of witchcraft (the family fortune would return to Quentin if he was found innocent). Gerard enlisted the help of Edith Collins, and caused Mildred to choke to death through a ceremony while she was in Quentin's cell, making it appear that Quentin had killed her (1161). Mildred's death was considered enough evidence by a judge to put Quentin on trial for witchcraft (1162).

Appearances Edit

1157, 1158, 1161

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