Ely Pouget as maggie evans
Maggie Evans (1991)
Production Information
Portrayed by

Ely Pouget

First appearance

Episode 1

Last appearance

Episode 12

Episode count


Biographical Information

Maggie Evans



Supernatural abilities

Psychic, Mediumship, Fortune-telling.

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Maggie Evans is a barmaid who works at Blue Whale and has a affair with David Collins' father, Roger Collins. When Barnabas Collins returns to the estate and strange murders are carried out in Collinsport, Maggie becomes involved in the events (1,2).

Skilled tarot reader and psychic, Maggie held a séance to try to contact the restless spirits who are hunting the mansion but, rather, she cause Victoria Winters to travels back in time (6), and releasing during a second séance the vengeful spirit of Angélique Bouchard, who takes possession of Dr. Hoffman's body and later of Maggie's body herself (11,12).

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