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Lorna Bell was a friend and school classmate of Roxanne Drew in 1840. She was murdered by Gerard Stiles, who was under the possession of Judah Zachery.

Lorna came to Collinsport to pay her respects to Roxanne following her death. While at Lamar Trask's funeral home, she struck up a conversation with Gerard, who told her that he was hosting a private reception for Roxanne's friends. She agreed to attend, and Gerard told her that his friend Charles Dawson would be picking her up in a carriage. However, this was all an elaborate scheme to lure her to an isolated place where she was going to become a human sacrifice on behalf of Judah. When she arrived at Charles' house, he locked her in a room with Gerard, who was wearing Judah's jeweled mask and holding a knife. Lorna became the first person Gerard killed while he was possessed by Judah.

Lamar immediately blamed Quentin Collins for her murder after earlier overhearing Lorna say she was going to leave the funeral home with him. He also saw that the mark on Quentin's ring was the same mark found on Lorna's forehead.

Gerard later caused Daniel Collins to see a vision of Quentin strangling Lorna to death on his stairway through time, which made Daniel turn against Quentin and take him out his will.


  • Lorna was played by Christopher Pennock's wife, Marilyn.
  • Lorna Bell was Marilyn Joseph's first and only acting role.

Appearances Edit

1142, 1145

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