Loomis House, identical the mainstream timeline's Old House.

This article is about the Old House in the present day Parallel Time. For other instances, see Old House and Old House (1841 PT)

Loomis House was the casual name of the Old House in 1970 Parallel Time, called such by residents Carolyn Stoddard Loomis and her husband William Loomis. The building was seemingly identical to its counterpart in the mainstream timeline (981), but was wired for electricity and telephones (1034).

It was in Loomis House that Will Loomis caught and imprisoned Barnabas Collins after he arrived from his own time band, hoping to use the vampire's life story to write a new book (982).

Dr. Julia Hoffman, having traveled into Parallel Time, herself, killed Hoffman, her counterpart, at Loomis House (1036).

Residents of Loomis HouseEdit

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