Played by:
Justin Collins

Justin Collins as portrayed by David Hurst

Justin Collins was the brother of Julia Collins and husband of Flora Collins. He fathered his sons Quentin, Gabriel, and Morgan with Flora and his daughter Melanie with Josette Collins.


Justin had an affair with Josette after the death of her husband, Barnabas. The affair resulted in a pregnancy. Justin offered to leave Flora, but Josette insisted that he stay married. Josette left Collinsport and had her daughter, Melanie, in Boston. Justin offered to take in Melanie and raise her as his adopted daughter without Flora ever knowing that she was his biological daughter (1238).

The LotteryEdit

When the lottery was held 10 years prior to 1841PT, Justin was chosen to go into the locked room. Melanie followed him into the room, but he did not realize it at the time. The next morning, the Collins family found Melanie cradling her father's weak body in her arms. He was never the same again (1203).


In 1841, Justin became very ill. Believing himself to be near death, he warned Catherine Harridge not to marry into the Collins family because of something horrible at Collinwood (1196). Justin was compelled to visit the locked room, where he collapsed and died (1200).

When it was discovered that Tim Braithwaite had gone into the room instead of a Collins, Justin's ghost appeared to Melanie, to warn his family that the lottery had to be held once again (1215).

Appearances Edit

1196, 1200, 1215

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