Jonas Carter
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Michael Currie

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Jonas Carter

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Sheriff Carter



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Jonas Carter was the elected sheriff in Collinsport, Maine.

In 1957, Carter worked on Burke Devlin's manslaughter case. Ten years later, he investigated Roger Collins' car accident, which also involved Burke as a suspect (21, 23).

Carter was married (32). He was not too fond of mustard on ham (26).

Behind the scenesEdit

Carter was initially referred to as the Constable, but beginning with episode 24, his shoulder patch said "SHERIFF." From 25 on, all characters began to refer to him as the sheriff, except Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, who called him by his first name (23) or "Mr. Carter" (22). In 28, his credit was finally changed to "Sheriff Carter."

He was succeeded by George Patterson.

Appearances Edit

23, 24, 26, 28, 32

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