Issue 11 (dynamite entertainment)



Dynamite Entertainment


Mike Raicht


Guiu Vilanova

Cover Art

Francesco Francavilla


September 2012

Dark Shadows Issue 11 (dynamite entertainment)
Issue 11 (dynamite entertainment) is a comic produced by Dynamite Entertainment. It was released in September 2012.

Back cover Edit

As if things couldn't get any worse, satanic forces are closing in on Collinswood. This time, however, they are not hunting for Barnabas Collins. Who are they coming for and what do they want with the Collins' bloodline? Only Barnabas' darkest abilities and urges may give him the strength to save his family. But have those gifts left him as well? Is Barnabas truly not evil enough to prevail?

Synopsis Edit

Memorable quotesEdit

Background information and notesEdit

Bloopers and continuity errorsEdit

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