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Humbert Allen Astredo
Biographical Information

Humbert Allen Astredo

Birth date

April 4, 1929

Production Information

Dark Shadows
House of Dark Shadows


Nicholas Blair (520-979)
Evan Hanley (708-878)
Charles Dawson (1141-1196)
Dr. Forbes (HODS)

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Humbert Allen Astredo (b. April 4th, 1929 - also credited as Humbert Astredo) is an actor from the original Dark Shadows who played the parts of the warlock Nicholas Blair, Satanist Evan Hanley, and Charles Dawson. Humbert also played Dr. Forbes in the 1970 MGM film House of Dark Shadows (who treats Todd Blake after he had been attacked by the vampiric Carolyn Stoddard). No stranger to soap operas, he also appeared in Edge of Night, Guiding Light, Love of Life, Loving, One Life to Live, and Texas. On Broadway he appeared in Les Blancs, Murderous Angels, An Evening with Richard Nixon and ..., and The Little Foxes.

Humbert attended Dark Shadows events in the past, but is now retired. His hobby was sailing, for many years, and he sailed around the world. As of 2008 he was in very poor health, being unable to attend a memorial service for his daughter Jenny following her death from breast cancer (his wife was there).

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