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Played by:
Harriet Collins

The Ghost of Harriet Collins

Harriet Collins (1787? - 1830) was the wife of Daniel Collins and the mother of Quentin and Gabriel Collins. Family legend has it that she was murdered by her husband.

In 1840, Daniel, now senile and probably suffering from dementia, admits to having murdered Harriet to Julia Hoffman when he mistakes her for Harriet "wearing that ridiculous get-up" (1111), a fact that Ben Stokes obviously knows. When Angelique first arrived at Collinwood, she knew Daniel might remember her, so she summoned the spirit of Harriet Collins, a short woman with long hair dripping with seaweed. to appear and reach out for Daniel. Every time he began to remember Angelique, he would be visited by Harriet, who still wanted revenge on Daniel for killing her, then throwing her body off the cliffs at Widow's Hill (1131).


Harriet Collins was the first of two characters played by Gaye Edmond.

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