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Harriet Collins
The Ghost of Harriet Collins
A Ghost or Spirit is the restless ghost of someone deceased. For some reason they can rarely if ever speak. Most are in some sense malevolent, although some simply appear to be sad while others seek to genuinely help others. One example of this is the ghost of Sarah Collins, who helped to protect people (especially Maggie Evans) from her brother Barnabas. Legend tells that children under the possession of a dominating spirit tend to be more restless during the three nights of the full moon (697). Some spirits, such as Nathan Forbes and Minerva Trask, are summoned for a purpose, and may not be given a choice in what they do.

Most ghosts were able to speak, others (most notably Quentin and Beth) were mute. Sarah tended to talk cryptically - for example, she was "not supposed" to tell the secret of how to escape from the basement cell in the Old House, but told Maggie a riddle which allowed her to escape (260).

Known spirits:

( * ) indicates the Spirit was unable to speak.

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