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Gerard Stiles (PT)
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James Storm

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Gerard Stiles


30 (1841)

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Gerard Stiles was a psychic who led Kendrick Young to the place where his sister, Stella, was buried.

Kendrick Young arranged to meet Gerard Stiles, whom he heard had psychic gifts, at The Eagle. Gerard explained he used to work for the Collins family as a seafarer, until he discovered his psychic talents. Gerard then accompanied Kendrick to Collinwood looking for Quentin, but was kicked out of the house by Morgan Collins once they stated their mission. As soon as they were gone, Gerard told Kendrick that his sister was not in the house and suggested they search the other buildings on the estate. While walking through the woods, Gerard sensed a place that he wanted to dig (1207). There he and Kendrick found Stella Young's corpse, where Morgan had buried it. He then accompanied Kendrick to Collinwood to confront the Collins (1209). This Gerard Stiles had no idea about the Gerard Stiles in regular time and was hardly anything like him.


The Gerard Stiles in Parallel Time was James Storm's second and final role on the show.

Appearances Edit

1207/1208, 1209

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