The Collinsport police station was the base of operations for the town's law enforcement officials, including Jonas Carter in 1967 (26).  It was known as the Collinsport Gaol in the 1700s and 1800s (401, 623788).

Quentin Collins was taken here as a werewolf after being captured (787).  The sheriff and jailer do not recognize him since his face is disfigured.  Barnabas Collins rescues Quentin (790).

The set design for the meeting room of the Collinsport Gaol of 1795 (401) was previously used for Barnabas' room in the Old House of 1795 (368/369), the Collins family property known as Seaview (294), the Garner & Garner Collinsport branch office of Frank Garner (148), and the office of Roger Collins at the cannery (45).


Appearances Edit

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