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Dr. Lang
Eric Lang
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Portrayed by

Addison Powell

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Eric Lang

Also known as

Dr. Lang


55 (at time of death)

Date of birth


Year of death


Manner of death

Voodoo used by Angelique Collins



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Dr Eric Lang (1913-1968) was a doctor and scientist. He was the creator of Adam.

Lang first became involved with the Collins family when he treated Barnabas and Vicki after a car accident. His young assistant, Jeff Clark, was present at the accident and became romantically involved with Vicki. Lang did not support the relationship, as he wished to keep Clark under his control.

It was eventually revealed that Jeff was suffering from amnesia and Lang had taken charge of him. With threats of jail, Lang had blackmailed Jeff into digging up graves and stealing body parts for an experiment. He even told Jeff that he would tell Vicki that Jeff was a murderer. Jeff hated his work and he hated Lang as well. Lang attempted to kill Jeff to finish the experiment, but was unsuccesful. Lang became the third victim of the Dream Curse after Jeff told him the dream. In Lang's dream, Dr Julia Hoffman was the beckoner and he saw his headless creation laughing at him. Lang passed the dream on to Julia shortly after he had it. After he died, Jeff found out that Lang had been lying to him about him being a murderer so he can help him with his experiment.

Dr Lang's ultimate goal was to create an artificial man. His creation was eventually brought to life (with the aid of Barnabas and Julia Hoffman as Adam. The experiment cured Barnabas of his vampirism. Lang did not live to see Adam come to life, he died shortly before the experiment was completed. Angelique, posing as Cassandra Collins, killed Dr. Lang using voodoo magic on him, causing him to have a massive heart attack. She tried to possess Roger Collins and get him to kill Lang, but both attempts were unsucessful. Before Lang died, he left a message on a tape recorder explaining the link between Adam and Barnabas. When warlock Nicholas Blair heard Lang's message, he became interesed in Adam and he summoned Lang from the dead to tell him how Adam was created. After Nicholas found out what he wanted to know from Lang, he sent him back to the grave to rest in peace.

Source MaterialEdit

Dr Lang is based on the character of Victor Frankenstein from Mary Shelley's novel Frankenstein.

Appearances Edit

466, 467, 468, 469, 470, 471, 472

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