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Donna McKechnie
Biographical Information

Donna McKechnie


Pontiac, Michigan, USA

Birth date

November 16, 1940

Production Information

Dark Shadows
The Eternal Actress


Amanda Harris/Olivia Corey (812-934)

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Donna McKechnie (Nov 16, 1940) is a Tony-winning American actress who portrayed Amanda Harris and Olivia Corey on the original Dark Shadows. Originally from Pontiac, Michigan, McKechnie has had an extremely successful stage career, winning the Tony award for her role as Cassie in the original production of "A Chorus Line." She has had guest appearances on such shows as Cheers, Fame, and Faerie Tale Theatre.


812, 813, 820, 822, 832, 833, 840, 842, 843, 847, 848, 850, 884, 896, 903, 909, 910, 916, 922, 923, 931, 932, 933, 934

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