Day 1 of Dark Shadows spans from episodes 1 to 4 and covers the events of Victoria Winters' first night in Collinsport.

Detailed Timeline of Events Edit

  • In New York, Victoria Winters talks to Sandy while packing for Collinsport (1). [Flashback.]
  • 8:15 pm. Strake checks out of the Collinsport Inn, leaving a letter for Burke Devlin at the front desk, telling him to meet him at the Blue Whale instead of the hotel.
  • Victoria travels from New York to Collinsport on a train. Burke is on the same train.
  • Roger Collins chastises his sister Elizabeth about inviting Miss Winters to live with them and tries unsuccessfully to talk her out of it.
  • On the train, Victoria listens to an old woman beside her talk about Collinsport. She sort of drifts off and remembers receiving the letter and showing it to Mrs. Hopewell (1).
  • 9:00 pm. The train arrives in Collinsport and Victoria and Burke get off. Burke offers to give Victoria a ride to the hotel where she can call a taxi.
  • 9:15 pm. Sam Evans is near the hotel and he sees Burke enter with Victoria. Victoria discovers that the taxi driver has a flat tire and will be a while. Burke reads the letter from Strake and storms off to the Blue Whale (1, 7).
  • Burke meets Strake at the bar, who gives him the information he's gathered about the Collins family.
  • While ordering a sandwich and coffee in the diner, Victoria meets Maggie Evans who disapproves of her working at Collinwood. Victoria remembers her conversation with Sandy before leaving the Hammond Foundling Home.
  • Burke learns some info from Strake (1).
  • Sam takes a long walk down by the ocean and weeps (7).
  • Victoria's taxi arrives and she leaves the hotel (1).
  • The young crowd starts arriving at the Blue Whale, including Carolyn Stoddard and Joe Haskell (2).
  • Victoria arrives at Collinwood and Elizabeth lets her in and fixes her tea. The two begin to chat about her job. Roger comes downstairs, but heads straight out the door (1, 2).
  • Joe gets angry because Carolyn is up dancing and having a good time with all the other guys in the bar instead of sitting with him. He starts a fight with some of the guys and Burke breaks it up. Burke sends Joe to take Carolyn home, but to come back to the bar when he's done.
  • Elizabeth shows Victoria to her room, Elizabeth's old room. Carolyn arrives home, upset. Elizabeth comes down, thinking it was Roger who came in. She coaxes Carolyn into telling her what happened. Carolyn explains how she feels trapped at Collinwood and how Joe Haskell isn't the man for her.
  • Victoria heads outside and walks to the cliff, where Roger finds her. They talk about David a little. Victoria mentions that Burke Devlin drove her from the train station and Roger reacts to this. He storms off.
  • Victoria returns to Collinwood and finds Elizabeth playing the piano. She sneaks upstairs (2).
  • Roger drives to Sam's house and bangs on the door, but gets no answer.
  • Wilbur Strake leaves the Blue Whale (3).
  • Elizabeth goes to bed (4).
  • Victoria tries to write a letter to a friend back home, but the window won't stay shut and keeps banging. Carolyn comes in to meet her, and tells her a little about Roger. Victoria asks about Burke Devlin, but Carolyn's never heard of him.
  • Joe arrives back at the Blue Whale and sits down with Burke.
  • Roger drives to the hotel and talks to Maggie in the diner. She tells him that her father probably won't be by to drive her home tonight.
  • Carolyn gives Victoria a tour of Collinwood and they end up in the drawing room talking.
  • Burke illustrates to Joe that he knows an awful lot about him. He offers to pay Joe money for information about the Collinses.
  • Bill Malloy sees Roger's car parked outside the hotel as he's driving by. He stops in.
  • Maggie tries to get Roger to leave so she can close the diner, but he insists on waiting. Bill Malloy enters and confronts Roger about Burke's return. Roger pretends it's no big deal, but Bill is concerned about what Burke has planned.
  • Strake pages Burke. He goes to a payphone and calls him to learn that Bill Malloy is coming to see him. He tells Strake to head back to New York, then sits back down with Joe. Joe refuses to spy for him. Bill comes in and sends Joe home. Burke tells him he wants to stir up some of the ghosts of Collinwood.
  • Carolyn walks Victoria back up to her room. Victoria finds the letter she was writing sitting on the bed (3).
  • Carolyn goes to bed.
  • Victoria sits on her bed, reading a book. The shutters slam again and she gets up to close them. Roger returns home and comes up the stairs to her room. Vicki hears the front door slam and begins brushing her hair. She goes to the door of her room just as Roger starts turning the door handle. Elizabeth stops him and orders him to come downstairs with her.
  • In the drawing room, Roger fixes himself a drink. Elizabeth gets angry at him for not treating Victoria with respect, and threatens to send him packing. Roger tells her that Burke Devlin has come back to town on the same train as Victoria. She tries to brush it off but he insists that Burke wants to kill him. Carolyn, having overheard their arguing, barges in and asks about Burke. Roger asks Carolyn to bring Victoria down to ask her a few questions.
  • Carolyn persuades Victoria to come down, insisting that Roger's a good person, then goes back to bed, telling Victoria that she's really glad she's there. David peeks out from his bedroom at them.
  • In the drawing room, Victoria is asked about Burke. She says that she didn't meet him until after she got off the train. Roger rushes Liz off to bed so he can talk to Victoria alone. He offers her a drink, but she declines. He cross-examines her, believing that she's withholding information. He purports that she may be in cahoots with Burke. She gets very offended and goes upstairs to bed just as the grandfather clock strikes midnight (4).

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