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Daphne Harridge
Production Information
Portrayed by

Kate Jackson

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Biographical Information

Daphne Harridge


23 (1841)

Date of birth


Year of death

1841 (negated timeline)




Collinsport Newspaper Clerk

Supernatural abilities

(In death) Ghost

Family members

Joanna Mills (Sister)

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This page refers to Daphne Harridge of "real time" including her spirit. For her Parallel Time equivalent, see Daphne Harridge (PT).

Daphne Harridge was the governess at Collinwood in 1840, hired by the original Quentin Collins to work with his son, Tad Collins. Her spirit temporarily haunted Collinwood from 1970 to at least 1995. A tombstone that was found in 1995 indicated that she originally died in 1841.

Daphne originally came to Collinwood with the sole purpose of killing Quentin, whom she believed had murdered her sister, Joanna Mills. When Julia travels to 1840, she encounters the living Daphne for the first time, having seen her spirit in 1995. Although Julia also saw Daphne reincarnated self in 1970. (1102) Gerard becomes jealous of Daphne relation with the present day Quentin as he was with the 1840's Quentin. (1100)

Daphne is a well-educated young woman who spent part of her upbringing in France. She initially works for the Collinsport newspaper, where upon she caught the eye of Desmond Collins. Daphne did not encourage Desmond's attentions and very nearly left town when she was invited by Quentin to serve as Collinwood's governess.


Daphne Harridge as portrayed by Kate Jackson

As governess, Daphne realized that Quentin did not kill her sister and grows romantically involved with him (1148). This led to a love triangle of sorts, with Gerard Stiles also being interested in Daphne. Gerard was possessed by the spirit of the colonial-era warlock Judah Zachary, and used his powers (and personal charm) to draw Daphne to him. The rivalry between Quentin and Gerard develops over many twists and turns, which included not only the hand of Daphne, but control of the Collins financial empire.
Joanna and Daphne

Daphne Harridge with her elder sister Joanna Mills

Daphne was suddenly and quite unexpectedly reunited with her sister in 1840 when Joanna mysteriously appeared to comfort the unhappy couple. Joanna was at first upset to learn of Quentin's interest in her younger sister, but when he explained his love for Daphne, Joanna graciously stepped aside.

It was later revealed that Joanna truly was murdered by Quentin's wife, Samantha, and that the woman who had appeared at Collinwood was merely Joanna's spirit as she wished to be seen. Joanna had truly returned to have her revenge upon Samantha. She led Samantha to Widows' Hill where she revealed the truth, leading Samantha to fall from the cliff. After Samantha's death, Joanna gave her blessings to Quentin and Daphne. The 1840 time-line concluded with their apparent marriage and honeymoon.

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