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Daniel Collins (1970 PT)
Production Information
Portrayed by

David Henesy

First appearance


Last appearance


Episode count


Biographical Information

Daniel Collins


14 (1970)

Date of birth



Maine, New England, USA

Family members

Quentin Collins (Father)
Angelique Stokes Collins (Mother)
Maggie Evans Collins (Stepmother)

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Daniel Collins was the son of Quentin Collins and Angelique Stokes Collins in 1970 Parallel Time.

Daniel was extremely close with his mother and her unexpected death left him heartbroken. He resented his father for re-marrying only 6 months after becoming widowed, and took out his frustrations on his stepmother, Maggie Evans Collins. He was very cruel to her and often played tricks on her in order to drive her out of the house.

When his mother's twin sister, Alexis Stokes, arrived at Collinwood, he was sure it his mother had returned from the grave, as she had promised him she would (991).

Eventually, Daniel came to accept Maggie as his stepmother and the two were able to co-exist at Collinwood. (1028)

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