Conrad Bain
Biographical Information

Conrad Bain


Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

Birth date

February 4, 1923

Production Information

Dark Shadows


Mr. Wells (1-632)

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Conrad Bain (born February 4, 1923 - died January 14, 2013) played Mr. Wells in the first and eleventh episodes of the original Dark Shadows as well as two later episodes. He would later play on All In The Family's spin-off Maude staring Bea Arthur, as well as Philip Drummond on Diff'rent Strokes from 1978-1986.

He appeared in many plays including Candide, Advise & Consent, An Enemy of the People, Uncle Vanya, and On Borrowed Time.

Appearances Edit

1, 11, 61, 632

External links Edit

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