The Collins Fishing Fleet and Cannery worked in tandem as the largest business in Collinsport, Maine.

Staff Edit

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard was the owner of both businesses from the 1940s until at least 1967 (17).

Ned Calder was the manager of both the fishing fleet and the cannery from 1952 until he quit in 1967 (39). He was succeeded by Bill Malloy (3).

Hanley worked in marketing (45).

Roger Collins worked there.

Jason McGuire blackmailed his way to creating the position of head of public relations.

Carolyn took over ownership on The Collins Fishing Fleet and Cannery when Elizabeth was in the hospital during February 1967.

Fishing Fleet Edit

Joe Haskell worked on the boats as a fisherman until he was promoted to checker in the fleet office in 1967, getting a raise of $25 a week (8).

Cannery Edit

Matthew Morgan swept out the cannery floors until 1949, when he was brought to Collinwood as the caretaker (6).

In 1967, one of the cannery workers had a sister who was a chambermaid at the Collinsport Inn (21).

Appearances Edit


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