The Collins family was the biggest and wealthiest family in Collinsport. In addition to founding and naming the town, the family also owns the largest cannery and fishing fleet business in the area (1, 3).

History Edit

17th Century Edit

Their fortune was founded by Isaac Collins in the 1690s, after he crossed the ocean to land in Maine (17). Isaac also established the Collins Fishing Fleet and Cannery.

18th Century Edit

Jeremiah Collins built a large mansion for the family called Collinwood atop Widows' Hill (2). Although it has been recorded that Jeremiah built Collinwood it was later shown in 1795 that Joshua Collins built Collinwood, having lived in what came to be known as the Old House previous to that time.

20th Century Edit

In the mid-twentieth century, Elizabeth Collins Stoddard controlled all of the family's financial holdings (1). By 1967, half of the jobs in Collinsport came out of the Collins Enterprises (26). In addition to the two businesses, the family also owned several houses and buildings in town (27).

The family banker in 1967 was John Harris (42).

Members Edit

17th Century Edit

18th Century Edit

19th Century Edit

20th Century Edit

The following are referenced only:

Background information and notes Edit

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