Chris Collins
Chris Collins
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Don Briscoe

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Christopher Collins

Also known as



26 [1970]

Date of birth



Maine, New England, USA



Family members

Amy Collins (Sister)
Quentin Collins (Cousin)

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Christopher "Chris" Collins was the Collins family lawyer in the year 1970 in parallel time. Chris managed the Collinwood estate for his cousin, Quentin Collins. His younger sister, Amy Collins, lived at Collinwood. He was a good friend to both Quentin and scientist Cyrus Longworth. He was worried about Cyrus's association with the mysterious John Yaeger and suspected that Yaeger may have been blackmailing Cyrus.

Chris ran a law firm in town, where one of his business partners was Larry Chase. Quentin asked Chris to legally remove Bruno Hess from the caretaker's cottage at Collinwood, but he was unsuccessful.

The last we see of Chris, he was waiting to meet John Yaeger and judge for himself whether the friendship was a good one for Cyrus to have. Whether Yaeger ever met Chris is left unclear.


Source Material Edit

  • The character of Chris Collins was partially based on Frank Crawley from the novel Rebecca.

Appearances Edit

977, 978, 983, 985, 1001

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