Chip Coffey (b. August 21st 1954) was an American actor who played an extra as a party guest in the 1970 MGM feature film, House of Dark Shadows. He was never given screen credit for the appearance.

Notes Edit

There is a party guest at Collinwood who answers to the name of Josephine. Given Chip Coffey's relative age at the time of filming, it is possible that he played the role of Josephine, but no information has ever been provided confirming or denying this, and can only be viewed as pure speculation. There has also been speculation that he had to dress in a period dress for his character as the costume department did not have any male costumes left in his small size. The character that he was said to have played wore an over-sized scarf, and many believe that is where he first fell in love with scarves and the reason why he continue to wear them to this day on a very regular basis.

Appearances Edit

House of Dark Shadows (uncredited)

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