Charles Dawson
Charles Dawson
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Humbert Allen Astredo

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Charles Dawson

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Killed by Angelique Collins



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Charles Dawson (1790s - 1840) was a lawyer who lived in Collinsport in 1840. He was also a devoted follower of Judah Zachery, and his great-grandfather was one of Judah's followers during Judah's actual life in the late 17th century.

Charles was responsible for returning the Head of Judah Zachery to Gerard Stiles after Gerard tossed over the edge of Widow's Hill in an attempt to end his grip on him. With Charles' help, the Head was able to serve a long-time possession of Gerard. He also lead the prosecution against Quentin Collins and Desmond Collins in their trial for witchcraft. He was eventually killed by Valerie Collins.


Source MaterialEdit

Dawson's name was probably inspired by famed archaeologist (and fraudster), Charles Dawson.

Appearances Edit

1141, 1142, 1144, 1157, 1161, 1165, 1166, 1174/1175, 1178, 1179/1180, 1181, 1185, 1194, 1196

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