This page documents the various incarnations of Dark Shadows characters that appear across several media and go by the same name:

Barnabas Collins Edit

Elizabeth Collins Stoddard Edit

Julia Hoffman Edit

Angelique Bouchard/Collins Edit

Willie Loomis Edit

Roger Collins Edit

Carolyn Stoddard Edit

David Collins Edit

Victoria Winters Edit

Sarah Johnson Edit

Josette DuPres Edit

Joshua Collins Edit

Naomi Collins Edit

Maggie Evans Edit

George Patterson Edit

Laura Collins Edit

Jeff Clark Edit

Timothy Eliot Stokes Edit

Quentin Collins Edit

Gerard Stiles Edit

Gabriel Collins Edit

Reverend Trask Edit

Daniel Collins Edit

Natalie DuPres Edit

Abigail Collins Edit

Andre DuPres Edit

Joe Haskell Edit

Peter Bradford Edit

Sarah Collins Edit

Millicent Collins Edit

Jeremiah Collins Edit

Daphne Harridge/Collins Edit

Sam Evans Edit

Phyllis Wick(e) Edit

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