Night of Dark Shadows (1971, unpublished) by Dan Ross - treatment from the movie script, incomplete novel.

Dark Shadows:  The Labyrinth of Souls by Stephen Mark Rainey (2002, unpublished)  - a first draft available online.  The plot involves Carolyn Stoddard and a mysterious neighbor.

Hawkes Harbor, by S. E. Hinton (Tor:  2004),  Retelling of the drifter/handyman's subjugation by the vampire posing as a wealthy relative from England.  The waitress is kidnapped and held hostage, attampting to force her to become the vampire's bride, and the handyman is her caretaker.  However intelligent a psychological drama it was, this was rejected for inclusion in the Dark Shadows franchise by Tor.   Nonplussed, Ms. Hinton retitled it and replaced names of characters and places.  One name was accidentally left unchanged ("You know Roger Collins and his puns!" ) and makes absolutely no sense in the context of the revised Hawkes Harbor.  An unknowing reader would not know to whom the reference was made. 

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